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Hard + College Transition + ADHD

Starting college can be a time when people who don’t know they have ADHD “hit a wall,” and start to wonder why they just can’t seem to live up to their academic potential.

Mental Health Series: The Square (and Rectangle)

What can you do then to stay calm enough to think well to keep making the right choices, saying the right things? A lot of research has gone into this question. One answer that has emerged is called Square Breathing, or Box Breathing. 

Mental Health Series: The Circle

In this article, I’ll describe how a circle can be used to illustrate how one’s own emotions and behaviors are connected.

Mental Health Series: The Triangle

If you think you may want to find a counselor this fall, start by looking for a medical care provider.

Mental Health Series: Alphabet Soup

If you think you may want to find a counselor this fall, start by looking for a medical care provider.

Mental Health Series: Non Mental Health Care Options

If you think you may want to find a counselor this fall, start by looking for a medical care provider.

Mental Health Series: Self-Care – Find a Doctor

If you think you may want to find a counselor this fall, start by looking for a medical care provider.

Mental Health Series: Overwhelmed? Steps to unwind and find your way through

For many TCKs, getting used to college is happening alongside getting used to a whole new country.

What about the other transitions in life?

In other life transitions, these are some transition principles and pointers to consider.

5 Things TCK Freshman need to do in August

Arguably, your move to university is one of the hardest transitions for your parents. Take some time to write them a letter or card to share what their support and guidance has meant to you. Treat them to ice cream or to coffee.

End the School Year Well by Building a RAFT

The popular “RAFT” model coined by David Pollock in the book Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds, is one way to concretely decide how to move through this transition.

MuKappa Winter Retreat Review

The retreat has been a life-giving weekend for me and has helped me along in my journey as a Christian disciple with a cross cultural upbringing.

MuKappa Winter Retreat Review

A famished learner that I am, I closed the Zoom app Sunday with a wealthy banquet sitting in my belly.

Chad – LeTourneau University

I would recommend MuKappa 100%,  whether you’re an MK, you’re an international student, or you’re just a monocultural or just anyone who wants to learn, it’s a good place to meet great people.

Bridging the Gap

No doubt some of you have walked on the Golden Bridge in Danang (jealous!). It has struck me that this is what MuKappa does ~ it’s a “bridge” between your worlds: where you’ve been, and where you are now, or are headed.

Finding Where You Belong

Having a sense of belonging lies on a spectrum and considering how you construct community will play into where you think you belong and/or don’t belong.

Josiah – Cedarville University

“. . . .getting to know people on a friendship level. It was so much fun getting to hang out with them.”

Make a memorable summer

As you establish your summer plans, we’d like to share a few suggestions about how to approach your structure and daily rhythms of life . . . make sourdough bread . . .

Jonathan – Calvin College

“I really enjoy just getting to know the people and hearing a lot of their stories and experiences.”

3 Things I Want to Tell My Third Culture Kid University Student Friends

It’s time for you to shine . . . you’ve transitioned before and it’s time for you to exercise those “TCK” skills to help others during this season.

Daniel – Cedarville

We’re just one big family and we all share this sense of wanting somewhere to belong.

Covid-19: Mentionable and Manageable

“Anything human is mentionable. And anything that is mentionable is manageable.” – Mr. Rogers

Lillia – LeTourneau

I love MuKappa because it’s a lot of kids that are weird and crazy like me. And, it’s my family away from my family.

Senior Panic or Peace

Senior Panic is a real term used by college seniors for many years. It refers to the last semester (or even whole school year) before you graduate.

Snow Camp

While Snow Camp is not an official MuKappa event, almost all of the MuKappa chapters in the Midwest have attended annually for thirty-five years.

Creating a Campus Where TCKs Thrive

MuKappa is excited to partner with Interaction International as they host a webinar for colleges and universities wanting to learn how to better engage their MKs/TCKs.

Art and TCK Identity

MuKappa International wants to encourage research on topics relevant to TCKs. As such, we want to encourage TCKs ages 18-25 to consider participating in Twana Johnson’s research study about identity formation among Third Culture Kids through art therapy.

Welcome New Chapters

A big welcome to Cairn University in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, and Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, New York.

Brand Refresh

We are excited to launch the new MuKappa website and brand refresh! Thank you to so many students and faculty advisors for giving us feedback and your wish lists for MuKappa.

Rebekah – Wheaton College

I heard about MuKappa from my mom and I wanted to look for colleges that had MuKappa. It wasn’t a deal breaker for colleges, but it was a big win if a college had a MuKappa chapter.

Jonathan – Taylor University

I first became aware of MuKappa my freshman year of college when I attended international orientation. I got connected with the president and co-president at the time and started really connecting well with them.

Daniel – LeTourneau

I knew that a lot of missionary kids came to LeTourneau University. I had no idea that we had a club, but when I showed up, they had a meeting for missionary kids —  and I was glad there’s more of us than I thought.