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Coronavirus: Mentionable and Manageable

By Tammy Sharp, Director of MuKappa

As TCKs you are no stranger to transition, loss, change of plans, isolation, and social distance, but that does not mean it is easy to face the upheaval of life caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Did you see the Mr. Roger’s movie with Tom Hanks? If not, don’t worry. I just wanted to share a line from the movie. “Anything human is mentionable. And anything that is mentionable is manageable.”

This virus is human. We may know people who have died; who have been quarantined; who can’t get married or have funerals; who can’t graduate or say goodbye; who have had to move unexpectedly; who can’t go home; who are stuck at home. And we don’t just know people, this could be you and me. And it’s not right, but it is mentionable.

What can you do? Mention your feelings; talk about them; process with people; seek counseling if needed–call, text, skype, zoom. It’s ok to cry, to weep, to be disappointed, to be glad, to be content–but just make sure you are mentioning how you are doing.

It is human to need other people and in the mentioning, we can manage. This crisis is manageable together.

Reach out to each other, to your MuKappa chapter and faculty advisors, to the MuKappa staff, to your family. Let’s be humans together, mention our feelings to one another and make this season manageable.

Please contact us. We are happy to talk with you any time.