Bridging the Gap

Judy Keith, MuKappa Advisor

No doubt some of you have walked on the Golden Bridge in Danang (jealous!). It has struck me that this is what MuKappa does ~ it’s a “bridge” between your worlds: where you’ve been, and where you are now, or are headed. It’s a “pathway” to transition from one world to another. MuKappa’s main goals are to help TCKs face adjustments to college and to deal with the social, emotional, and spiritual needs during this major transition of life.

“I’ve really enjoyed MuKappa. It’s been a place where I can come and I’m allowed to be myself and I know other people there understand what that is ~ even if we don’t totally get ourselves all the time. It’s a place where I can bring other people on…who are like me, but different, having common experiences of being TCKs and working through the transition. We come from growing up in different places and are able to learn from the different experiences that other people have. I would recommend MuKappa 100%,  whether you’re an MK, you’re an international student, or you’re just a monocultural or just anyone who wants to learn, it’s a good place to meet great people.” (Chad/LeTourneau)

MuKappa aims to provide an atmosphere where a TCK will be accepted as he or she is. Sometimes just having a circle of friends to talk to can give a TCK the sounding board needed to iron out wrinkles that come along the way. Come on board! Find your local chapter, or join our new virtual chapter if your school doesn’t have MuKappa!


Photo by Sandip Roy on Unsplash