Jonathan – Taylor University

MuKappa President

I first became aware of MuKappa my freshman year of college when I attended international orientation. I got connected with the president and co-president at the time and started really connecting well with them. As we went through the orientation, I started to realize that my experiences in a different country lined up with a lot of international students and MKs. I realized I wasn’t the only one who struggled with questions people ask, like, “Do they speak hieroglyphics in Egypt?” or “Do you ride a camel to school?” When I talked with other MKs or TCKs, they listened because they understood some of those same struggles and had similar experiences.

I think a big thing for me has been that MuKappa has felt more like a family than a club for events.   On Saturday mornings we had breakfast together and went through a devotional. It connected freshmen through seniors. We were able to meet new people and have conversations about things you were struggling with that weren’t necessarily things I could talk about with my roommate.

I would tell every freshman to take a chance with MuKappa. I know that not everyone who is an MK or a TCK will get involved, but there is a benefit to having people who have gone through similar transitions to be able to speak into your life. I have a couple of mentors from MuKappa who were seniors when I was a freshman. I’m still connected with them today. They helped me make the transition back to the United States smoother. It’s not going to make the transition perfect, but it’s easier when you’re not alone.