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Review of the MuKappa Winter Retreat

By Timoteo Neves

The phenomenon of a TCK gathering defies social understandings because connections start lacing up and life lessons gushing out within the blink of an eye. The 2021 MuKappa Winter Retreat helped me realize this.

A famished learner that I am, I closed the Zoom app Sunday with a wealthy banquet sitting in my belly. My greatest take-away were the nuggets from TCKs older than me on how to transition into adulthood.

Chris O’ Shaughnessy encouraged me to put on posh gratitude lenses with his stories of French kids, T-Rexes, and liberty trains.

Lauren Wells taught me that some of my occasional stomachaches could be due to a Tokyo-tower-long stack of grief blocks which I need to process. Thankfully, she also offered some tools for that!

Megan Norton brought an A-team of ATCKs which educated me on navigating jobs, relationships, and important life-decisions.

Not to mention Tammy Sharp, Michael Pollock, Steve Swope, and many others who readily shared some of their wisdom pearls (along with occasional, much-appreciated jokes on the chat). The stories and experiences shared by other participants were to me the finishing touch, like spices in a mouth-watering Southeast Asian dish. Trying my fresh gratitude lenses, I can only say I’m thankful for all of this.