MuKappa is here to serve your Chapter with tools, resources, and connections. Your membership lets the world know you have a place for TCKs and comes with value-added benefits.

Name Recognition

You are joining a national organization of MuKappa Chapters that has been on college campuses across North America since 1985. MuKappa is promoted and recognized among TCKs, educators, and intercultural professionals.


Parents and high school students can see which schools have a MuKappa Chapter by using the MuKappa interactive map and search tool. Your Chapter will be listed by location pin and through a contact information feature.


When TCKs return to North America to study, they often look for a place of community where they can be with others of similar background. MuKappa offers just such a venue for TCKs on your campus. If a church would like to be MuKappa-friendly, MuKappa International can connect that church with a local chapter.

MuKappa Brand Standards Guide

Upon membership acceptance, you will be sent a brand packet that contains the MuKappa Brand Standards Guide for usage of the logo and how to localize it for your Chapter. The Guide demonstrates the fonts, copy, and promotional item application of the brand. A link to the digital brand elements for download is also provided.

MuKappa Branded Promotional Items

Chapters will have access to discounted MuKappa-branded apparel and promotional items through the chapter log-in portal.

Additional Resources

Besides the resources listed on the website, you will have access to a password protected list of resources for Chapters. These will include discussion topics and guides, devotionals, and group activities.

MuKappa Events

MuKappa occasionally facilitates retreats and Leadership Summits in various regions. These venues provide a place to exchange ideas, initiatives, and encouragement between schools. You will also find a calendar of events listed on the events page.

Chapter Events

Your Chapter will be provided with instructions on how to provide information for your own events and how they can be posted on the MuKappa website Events calendar.

Online Seminars and Training

Periodically, MuKappa staff will conduct and post special seminars of interest to MuKappa leadership as well as membership through the Chapter Login.

MuKappa Enews

Designated Chapter leadership will be provided with broadcast email news with tips and training from MuKappa’s professional team.

Access to MuKappa Staff

If your MuKappa Chapter needs assistance in getting started or reaching out to TCKs on your campus, our staff is available and willing to help you and encourage you in your ministry to this important group in your student body.

Please contact us with questions, or to request a call or visit.