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Make a memorable Summer 2020

By Megan Norton, MuKappa Social Media Consultant

Hello MuKappa Friends!

And so, it goes you are moving into and through another transition. The 2019-2020 academic year has officially ended and you’re waiting to hear from your uni about what the 2020-2021 academic year may look like. As you establish your summer plans, we’d like to share a few suggestions about how to approach your structure and daily rhythms of life.

  1. Say thanks to your campus leaders.

Did someone help you figure out financial aid this academic year? Or your course schedule? How about your storage? Reach out to them and say thanks in written or verbal form. Have you thanked your residence hall manager or even your roommates or MuKappa leaders about how they helped to create a sense of home and belonging for you? Think of a couple specific moments or actions in which felt heard, seen, and valued by them and share those details with them.

  1. Set up call/Facetime/Zoom times with your family and friends.

Keep them informed about your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental wellbeing. Maintain the verbal connection in addition to the virtual one. Your social media status updates are amusing and appreciated but don’t rely on the “likes” and comments to carry you through relationships. Exchanging snail mail addresses can also be a fun way to surprise your family and friends with a card or note; and even printing off a photo at Walgreens/CVS to include too can be a way to demonstrate your care and love.

  1. Be present where you are and with whom you are staying.

Take a proactive approach to be involved in the place you are staying. Can you help with household chores like washing the windows? Mowing the lawn? Making a meal (or at least a portion of the meal)? Observe and learn some life skills from those around you! Can you initiate the request for someone to teach you how to change a bike wheel or drain oil from the car or make sourdough bread? This may be a summer filled with learning life “hacks” and important “adulting” skills. More importantly, it can be a season in which you proactively identify needs around you and commit to ask where you can help meet them.

  1. Continue to name your losses and move through grieving them.

We imagine you had internships, camp counselor opportunities, backpacking trips, epic travel plans, etc. for this summer. Name those lost dreams, expectations, and hopes. Name those lost opportunities to lead, learn, and love. Then ask a trusted mentor to share these named losses with and allow them to support you, comfort you, and respect you as move through the pain of these griefs. Resist the urge to put a positive spin on everything.

  1. Get involved in your local community.

You have phenomenal cross-cultural skills. Think about organizations, churches, and neighbors who could use that powerful and unique intercultural mix to help them navigate cultural differences, translations, and new ideas about how to bring compassion, care, and service in a way that takes cultural context into consideration. You can draw upon your cross-cultural sensitivity and awareness to suggest how to adapt programs and services to be more culturally acceptable.

  1. You don’t need to have it all figured out. Do the next thing you can manage.

Don’t know what internship you’ll be able to secure to provide you with that experience needed to land your first job? Don’t know what courses you’ll take in the Fall? Don’t know who your roommates will be? Don’t know where you’ll live? All important to keep on your radar but not all important to figure out today — or all at once! What do you need to do today as one step to get answers and to make wise decisions? Maybe it’s calling your uncle to ask about any professional references or connections he may have to help you on your job/internship search. Maybe it’s emailing your academic advisor to ask about your course plan. Maybe it’s simply taking a walk outside and practicing contemplative prayer. Maybe it’s reconsidering your faith practices and recognizing where God is in your life today. What are you learning everyday about yourself?

  1. Let us know how we can support you this summer.

Want to see more funny memes on our Instagram account? Let us know! Want us to set up virtual meetups with MuKappa members? Let us know! Want us to start a Tik Tok? Let us know! Want TCK resources/readings/tools/strategies? Let us know! (Well, for the last option, that’s what we’re working on for you…. Stay tuned)! MuKappa International is committed to supporting you!

The potential ambiguity and uncertainty of this summer can breed heightened anxiety. In taking concrete actions like the ones mentioned above, you will begin to develop healthy coping patterns and a mindfulness routine that will support your feeling grounded and connected to both people and to place.

Let us know how you are doing. If you’re doing anything written above. Or you have suggestions to share. We’d love to hear from you.