Daniel – LeTourneau

MuKappa President


I knew that a lot of missionary kids came to LeTourneau University. I had no idea that we had a club, but when I showed up, they had a meeting for missionary kids —  and I was glad there’s more of us than I thought.

At the meeting they said, “We have a club called MuKappa. We get together and hang out and we’re looking for leaders.” It was my first day at LeTourneau, but I was like, “You know what? I’m interested.”

So I just walked up to the MuKappa president and told him I was interested in doing leadership stuff and very interested in being part of MuKappa.

People should go to MuKappa because it makes your connections large and the world smaller. You get to meet so many people and you hear about the places they’re from and you can relate to them. But at the same time, you share community in your differences.

So now, I have lots of friends from Asia, even though I grew up in Africa. We have similar connections, but then we also have differences. But that’s what makes MuKappa great.