Taylor University

School Information

School Name Taylor University
School Address 236 W. Reade Ave. Upland, Indiana 46989

MuKappa Chapter Information

MuKappa Email
MuKappa Website
Chapter Cabinet Members

Aidan Odle - Co-President
Daniel Robb - Co-President
Joel Williamson - As-of-Yet Undetermined Position
Kendra Copeland - As-of-Yet Undetermined Position
Jasmine Pao - As-of-Yet Undetermined Position

Chapter’s Instagram

Faculty/Staff Advisor Information

Faculty/Staff Advisor Name Debby Cheruyiot Bii
Faculty/Staff Advisor Title Director of International Student Programs
Faculty/Staff Advisor Email

Student Leader Information

Student Leader Name Daniel Robb and Aidan Odle
Student Leader Title MuKappa Co-Presidents

Additional Information