Mu Kappa News Release

Tammy SharpFor Immediate Release

From: Perry Bradford, Executive Director of Barnabas International

RE: New Mu Kappa Director

We are pleased to announce that on July 1, 2019, Tammy Sharp will be appointed the new Director of Mu Kappa International. Tammy is an MK herself and brings a lifetime of experience to this role. She served with Crossworld for 13 years as the MK/TCK Coordinator and has been part of the leadership planning team for the annual MK Caregivers Summit. She joined Barnabas International in November 2017 to serve on the Mu Kappa team. This appointment of Tammy to the Mu Kappa leadership role will allow Barnabas International to continue to serve global families in the area of MK and TCK care.

Mu Kappa was founded by a group of MKs at Taylor University (Upland, IN) in 1986 and quickly spread to other campuses under the leadership of Jim and Ruth Lauer. In 1990, the ministry of Mu Kappa moved under the umbrella of Barnabas International, with the continued leadership of the Lauers. Ten years later in May 2000, the Lauers passed the leadership of Mu Kappa to Perry Bradford who led the ministry until 2012. Donna Messenger was then appointed Director of Mu Kappa. Donna came to Barnabas in 2008 from fifteen years with ABWE (serving in Ukraine for much of that time) and ten years in college administration (Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, MI). Donna’s heart for MKs has continued to provide quality care for MKs and families in the midst of their transitions. She has provided leadership to the MK Transition Seminars, coordinated MK Retreats, trained Mu Kappa campus chapter leaders and provided personal care to thousands of MKs. We are grateful for her leadership and her commitment to MKs. Donna will continue to serve as an MK Consultant with Mu Kappa. The Mu Kappa team (Judy Keith, Donna Messenger, and Tammy Sharp) serves dozens of colleges across the country.

Barnabas International began to provide pastoral care to global workers around the world in 1986. Parents often asked if we had any ministries to offer to care for the needs of their children. They mentioned the importance of care for their young people who return to North America for college. It’s been our joy to provide resources to global families through the ministry of Mu Kappa. Mu Kappa exists to encourage missionary kids, multi-cultural, and international students in their cross-cultural transitions to foster meaningful relationships with God, family, and others. Thank you for your continued prayers and support of the ministries of Mu Kappa.

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