Hang in there!

It’s about the time of the semester when you start counting the weeks and days until the end. “If I can just make it to spring break.” And, “I just need to get through Easter break.” Before you know it, the end of the semester will be here and you will have finished your freshman year of college….or your sophomore or junior year….or maybe you are graduating! In any case, hang in there! You can do it! Work hard….get those papers written…..get that reading done…..find a study group to prepare for those exams!

Each semester is another milestone in this educational process. Sometimes it feels like it will never end, but it does end, and sometimes all too quickly! Then you have to move on into real life! That’s scary, too! I heard Mark Lowry (Christian musician and comedian) say that one of his favorite verses of Scripture is the line that says, “And it came to pass.” It didn’t come to stay, he says, it came to pass! I like his thought. These college years are tough and a lot of work, but “this, too, shall pass,” as my grandmother used to say. Soon it will be over and you will move on into the next chapter of your life. Make the most of this chapter. Learn a lot and be patient with the process. Use this time to build your faith and get to know your Savior in a more personal way as you learn to trust Him daily for strength.

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