Back to school—how was your summer?

barn party 2014 jumping in sunset   So, where did your summer take you this year? I know a lot of MKs had opportunities to go home. Others found completely different parts of the world to check out and serve God in new and wonderful ways. Some  worked at camps across North America. Others found jobs or internships.

Do you have stories to share of how God blessed you or how you saw His mighty hand at work in amazing ways?

I hope that you are ready for a new school year and anxious to see what God has in store for another year of learning. For some of you, this is your last year of college. How does that feel? By this time next year you may be on another continent or maybe you’ll be out in the work force. I know that sophomores and juniors often cannot see the end. But, be patient and diligent with your studies. Your turn to be a senior will be just around the corner. Are you a freshman? All new experiences ahead? Feeling the pangs of loss of the life you’ve enjoyed for so many years overseas? You are not alone. Many MKs have walked in the steps you are taking now. Be encouraged that you will adjust to your new college culture and climate.

heart feet MKs  Does your school have a Mu Kappa chapter? Mu Kappa is a great place to make some new friends who understand who you are as a TCK (Third-Culture Kid). You will certainly build many other relationships through your classes and dorm life, but the Mu Kappa group will always have an international flavor that will be an encouragement to you. Some colleges have Mu Kappa groups that eat supper together one night each week. They just gather in one section of the cafeteria on campus and spend some time together. It’s a great way to connect with each other and not spend any more money on eating out! If you don’t have a Mu Kappa chapter, look for other MKs on your campus, find a faculty or staff member who would be an advisor for your group and then contact us for info on starting a chapter.

Here’s a hint about how to build relationships with North Americans. Take it slowly. Generally, North Americans like to spend time with you before they will really be willing to open up and share their story with you. So be patient with the process. You may be bursting with all the exciting things to share with people about the country you grew up in and love, but, again, take your time and share it slowly as they become more interested in learning about your life.

Mostly, though, don’t neglect your walk with the Lord. How can you get to know Him better this school year than you ever have before? Ask Him what He might have in mind for you to learn this year–more about Him, learning to listen to His voice, learning how to trust Him even more. As the t-shirt says, “Keep calm and have an awesome day in Christ!”

Jeremiah 6:16–“This is what the Lord says: ‘Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.'”

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