• Be a Catalyst. Consider being the person in your church who organizes care for the MKs in the families that your church supports. Certainly as an individual you can develop a relationship with missionary families over the years of their overseas ministry, and then be involved in the lives of their young people as they return to North America for college. But facilitating their relationships with other families and young people in your church helps the MKs to find a home in North America.
  • Make sure the MKs you know have a place to go on holidays, other school breaks (including summer) and even periodic weekends off. If you are within a reasonable distance and can facilitate a ride so they can come visit, invite them so they feel they have a “home,” even though it is far away from their parents.
  • When MKs first return to North America for college, they often need help with things like getting a driver’s license, setting up a bank account, collecting the things they need for their dorm room, getting a cell phone, or finding a job. You may be able to help in this area.