• Make a list of the MKs in the families that your church supports. Get addresses for the college-age MKs who are in North America. Send care packages and cards for birthdays and holidays to their campus mailbox. All students love to get “real” mail in the boxes—email is great, care packages are better!
  • Consider a gift for your MK who is graduating from high school or college.
    • Scholarships. MKs beginning college usually have not had the opportunity in their countries to have a job and save money for college. Your church could set aside funds to provide college scholarships for one or more years of their college experience. You can also have a part in helping them select the right college.
    • Reentry Transition Seminar. This transition for MKs is huge and, while all young people find significant adjustments as they move from high school to college, the transition to another culture at the same time makes this transition particularly challenging. Consider a spot in your missions budget or allow adult classes to contribute to the registration fee so that your MK can attend the Transition Seminar.
    • As MKs graduate from college, consider helping them get started in adult life. They do not have the “safety net” of going back home to live with their parents if a job does not open up right away. Or, even if it does, they are often on their own in setting up an apartment, buying a car, getting established in yet another new place. College provides a great community and assistance in many ways, not to mention the ability to live in a dorm for four years. It is a whole new experience to rent an apartment, pay utilities, and get established in adult life.
  • Consider a gift to help your college student MK.
    • Sponsor a trip “home” sometime during college. The holidays, in particular are difficult for college-age MKs as they are usually separated from their parents and siblings. While they have extended family (grandparents, aunts and uncles) who can host them, it’s really not the same. Consider a gift to help them with that plane ticket “home” for a visit.
    • Make sure your college student MKs have a place to go for breaks or even a weekend off once in a while. If you are close to the college they attend, invite them to be a part of your church family. They need a place of community, and as you have built a relationship with their family over the years, be sure to include the MKs at this important time of their lives.
    • Remember that when you help their kids, you are an incredible encouragement to their parents, often enabling them to stay on the field and involved in the ministry that you already participate in as a supporting church.