Are you an MK? Do you know MKs? Would you like to become a Mu Kappa Partner? You can assist with MK ministries around the country in a number of different ways.

  • Sponsor an MK for a retreat. Mu Kappa offers several retreats at different times of year and in various parts of the country. We try to subsidize much of the cost so that the out-of-pocket cost to the MKs is minimal. Generally, a gift of $50 can sponsor an MK for one of these retreats.
  • Support a Mu Kappa student intern. We have established a two-year internship for an MK college graduate who expresses interest in learning MK ministry. The student intern participates in retreats, travels to colleges to meet MKs and encourage Mu Kappa chapters, assists Compass MK Ministries with their annual Spring Break Florida program in March, attends the annual MK Caregivers Consultation held in Kansas City in April each year, and participates on the MK staff of the annual MK Transition Seminar at Cedarville University in the summer. The main goal is to launch a young college grad into adult ministry. Your support can jump start them into life and ministry as they learn and grow.
  • Contribute frequent flyer miles. Our Mu Kappa staff (including our student intern) travels extensively around the country and occasionally around the world as funds are available. We have numerous invitations to visit international schools to teach about transition and introduce MKs to the ministry of Mu Kappa so that they can find a place of belonging when they land in North America for college.  Your frequent flyer miles can help us make these trips!
  • A Buck and a Stamp. March 4th is the only day of the year that comes with a command (March forth!). Mu Kappa encourages MKs to “march forth” into the next chapters of their lives with not only confidence of God’s good hand in their lives up to this point (allowing them to grow up in a missionary family and among so many cultures of the world) but the confidence that He will continue to be faithful to them in this journey called life. Money raised by March 4th each year will be used to offset some of the expenses of the MK Transition Seminar held each summer at Cedarville University for MKs returning to North America for college.
    • Address an envelope to Barnabas International (address below) and mark it: Buck and a Stamp
    • Put $1 in the envelope (or $5, or write a check for more)
    • Seal the envelope and affix a first-class stamp
    • Drop it in a mail box
  • Donate a car. At some point in college, most students need a car. Some need it to get to internships or student teaching or off-campus employment. Others don’t need one until after they graduate. Consider helping an MK buy a car (difficult for them when Dad is on another continent). You could help them with a down payment or perhaps donate a car so they do not have to take out another loan (as they probably have student loans to pay back as well).
  • Regular monthly support. Consider supporting Mu Kappa with a regular gift each month. This will help us to subsidize retreats, represent Mu Kappa at conferences to help colleges and churches learn more about how to minister to their MKs, provide leadership training for Mu Kappa student officers, and even take MKs out for coffee once in a while!

All gifts can be sent to Barnabas International. Mark the gifts for Mu Kappa and specify whether you are providing a retreat scholarship, support for the Mu Kappa student intern, or a general gift to be used as needed. Make checks payable to Barnabas International. All gifts are tax deductible and a receipt will be provided. Receipts cannot be provided for mileage gifts.

Send your gift to:

Barnabas International
P.O. Box 708
Elkhorn, WI 53121-0708

Or you may give online by clicking here.

Thank you for your care and partnership with Mu Kappa and with MKs!