The best Mu Kappa chapters are initiated by MKs and for MKs. So, here is a list of things you’ll need to do.

1. The first thing you’ll want to do is to organize as a group of students on campus. You will want to check with your Student Government Association on campus for the guidelines for registering as an official student organization. They will probably require you to have a constitution. You will have permission to use the “Mu Kappa” name for your group on campus after you have completed this registration process with Mu Kappa International.

2. You will need to find a faculty or staff member to serve as an advisor for your group. This may be required by your Student Government Association. Your advisor is key to the longevity of your Mu Kappa chapter. While it is important for MKs to have significant ownership with your Mu Kappa chapter, when a given group of officers graduates and moves on, it is the consistency of an advisor that will perpetuate your Mu Kappa for years to come. This person does not need to be an MK or even a missionary with overseas experience. But it is helpful if this person has an understanding of missions and a heart for your identity as MKs.

3. In order to register with Mu Kappa International, you will need to fill out a Chapter Registration/Data Form and submit it to Mu Kappa. You will also need to send a check from your University to Mu Kappa for $100 as a one-time start-up fee (Make checks payable to Barnabas International). At the beginning of each school year, we will send you a reminder to update your Chapter Registration/Data Form and send annual dues of $50 to retain your membership in Mu Kappa. (Note: The start-up fee includes the annual membership fee for whatever remains of the school year in which you initially join Mu Kappa.)

4. Go to the Chapter Registration/Data Form, fill it out, and submit it to Mu Kappa. Once you hit “submit” and we have received your check for the $100 start-up fee, we will email you with a temporary username and password so that you can access member-only information that will be helpful to your Mu Kappa chapter, such as ideas for activities and ways to promote your Mu Kappa on campus.

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