Benefits of Membership

[This video was prepared by Cedarville University (Ohio) for their Admissions department to explain the benefits of Mu Kappa to prospective students who are MKs and international students.]

Name Recognition

You are joining a national organization of Mu Kappa chapters that has been on college campuses across North America since 1986.

Missionaries often look at the Mu Kappa chapter list to find colleges and universities with a Mu Kappa chapter so their student will have a place of belonging when they return to North America to study.

Organizational Model

We can help you with sample constitutions as you organize your chapter within the context of your campus’s student government.

Regional MK Retreats are available for your MKs to fellowship with MKs from other colleges and universities.

Identity for MKs

When MKs return to North America to study, they often look for a place of community where they can be with others of similar background. Mu Kappa offers just such a venue for MKs on your campus.

Leadership Training assistance

Mu Kappa offers a Student Leadership Summit in various regions each year. These Summits provide a venue for student officers to exchange ideas, initiatives, and encouragement between schools. Check the Events page for information on a Student Leadership Summit in your area.

Mu Kappa (as a part of Barnabas International) offers MK Transition Seminars each summer. MKs who attend are encouraged to look for Mu Kappa on their college campuses as a way to find community and fellowship.

Access to Mu Kappa staff

If your Mu Kappa chapter needs assistance in getting started or reaching out to MKs on your campus, our staff is available and willing to help you and encourage you in your ministry to this important group in your student body.