What is Mu Kappa?

“Mu” and “Kappa” are the Greek letters for “MK,” and to a missionary kid, the term “MK” suggests a sense of identity and belonging, giving him a kindred spirit with other MKs, a context for mutual understanding, and community which he finds nowhere else. No matter what part of the world they’ve come from, most MKs feel and recognize a special fraternal bond with other MKs. Mu Kappa capitalizes on that built-in belongingness and has organized in a formal way what MKs have always felt.

Mu Kappa was founded “by MKs…for MKs” to be a platform on college campuses for the connectedness that MKs desire. If you do not have an organized Mu Kappa chapter on your campus, contact us and we will help you get started.

“Mu Kappa … is like a family away from home … provides the support and assistance I need … is a way to meet people who are from a similar background … gives me a circle of friends with whom I can have good talks … is people who understand & care, especially when I’m homesick … provides an environment which encourages spiritual growth.”
–Comments from MKs in the founding Mu Kappa Chapter

Mu Kappa is a ministry of Barnabas International.